Top 10 Minecraft Songs on the iPod

Every Minecraft player has probably heard of a top 10 Minecraft songs. In the last few months, these top songs have been topping the charts and making waves on YouTube. For those who are new to Minecraft, these songs allow players to have more fun with the game and they also get them pumped up to build bigger and better things. If you are looking for ways to get more Minecraft music on your iPod, then look no further than online retailers.

The Minecraft phenomenon has given birth to several downloadable game add-ons that can now be used on other platforms, including the iPod. One such add-on is called The Discovery, which was designed to allow iPod users to create their own personal playlists that would keep them entertained during their downtime from the main game. The Discovery is based on the Minecraft map, where players can check out their surroundings through the use of light and sound sensors. After playing these maps for a while, the player will learn more about the game and how to survive in the harsh environment of Minecraft.

There are many other video game add-ons that you can download that incorporate Minecraft into their design. These add-ons are usually made in Flash and include both survival and adventure levels. Once you download these games, you can find that they can bring you hours of fun as you play around the Minecraft map and learn more about the world that was made by the game developers. Players can also hear their favorite top 10 Minecraft songs by listening to these add-ons on their iPod.