5 Aesthetic Ideas To Decorate Shelves

Home decoration and storage for domestic stuff, both deeply depend on each other. One slightest error and the whole look of the room can go awkward. Things like books, plants, souvenirs, trophies, paintings, photos, memorable sentimental, and sculptures, of course, don’t belong in the closet or drawers. With them, you have to be creative and add to your decoration plan. A shelf is the first idea that comes into your mind about placing your precious objects and ornamenting your walls with visual aesthetics. 

To organize and decorate any environment, a shelf is the best compliment. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and it is something that can be adapted to all the spaces in your home. And we have some aesthetic ideas to decorate your shelves.

Aesthetic Ideas to decorate your shelves

Applying minimalism

Minimalism, a concept getting popular every day can come in real handy orchestrating your shelves. A way to ensure harmony in the decor’s environment is to place only a few things in each space on a shelf. For instance, the furniture that comes with a square space, this idea can work better than all.

Sort the by color of the cover

Specifically if you are organizing a shelf for your books, no idea could be better than arranging all the books than the colors of their covers. The first thing that you need to do is separate all the books by their color. Once they are separated, you can go in the sequence by color temperature (for example, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) or the brightness of the colors, where bright colors on the top will look beyond awesome. Once the colors have been decided, you can play around with book sizes or overlays.

Sort books by book sizes

Also a book shelf idea where you can utilize any space to have a shelf. For example, a window or a door can be the perfect place to build a nice bookstore around. It is a very attractive way to have all our books in order , but be careful! Do not be careless when placing them and pay attention and seek order. For the result to be as beautiful as in the photo, it is necessary to sort the books by size and place them on the different shelves or compartments. Alternate an object, a plant or a photo in between the books and you will get a very beautiful effect.

Harmonize objects with single color scheme

If you don’t want the rushy and noisy visual, one of the best shelf decor ideas is still yet to go. You need to look around the room and determine the color that suits best with the room environment and the shelves, and choose the objects of the same color to place in the shelves. By establishing a color palette, you are assured with the possibility of keep adding the objects that fit in with the color.

From ceiling to floor; a wall of objects

If you want to turn a wall in your room into a separate character, create a bookcase that goes from floor to ceiling. This way you take advantage of the wall in its entirety and have more storage space for your extensive collection of books, for example.

To utilize this scenario, the best thing to do is to make a bespoke shelf that fits perfectly into your environment and you can take advantage of every inch of the wall.

Place the shelves around the window

A great idea to utilize the space and add purpose to the wall with a window and that you are sure that space around it is always going to remain empty, this is your call. The space around the window is ideal to build a custom shelf and give greater importance and functionality to that wall. As we see in the example, it is a great idea also for small rooms, since the shelf can also serve as a night table and help you keep your bedroom tidy by adding storage space.

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