Belts With Large Buckles: How to Do It Right

Belts are always in and out of fashion at any time of the year, and any weather. Adding them as ornaments to your beloved clothes is the idea that anyone would approve of. The traditional belts are usually small. But, there are some ideas that will help you enhance your looks with belts with large buckles as well and make you stand out among a crowd of glamor. 

This might sound exaggerated to you, but the wrong choice for a belt can ruin the whole look that you thought was best. All the fashion accessories, belts included, are used to add style to your dress up and boost the charm and the larger the belt is, the more casual your outfit will be considered. Thin belts with extended buckles are your match and you can style them in multiple possible ways mentioned below: 


The number one way to wear a belt with a large buckle is to wear it with skinny jeans and a slim shirt that will surely form a perfect outfit. An informal and rocking combination for any occasion, except office meetings.

Chinese pants

Paired with a fun tee and a large buckle belt, while chino pants are worn for a casual yet formal finish, will make you stand out without being overdone.

Bermuda Shorts

The Bermudas are most wearable in summer and combine with everything. With a fitted shirt and a wide buckle belt, you can look casual and elegant at the same time.

Open coat

With a large buckle is a winter look that many women made fashionable and that, now, men also wear, nothing can do it better than wearing an open sweater.

Shirt out

For those who like a more hippie and alternative style, wide pants, a  very loose shirt on the outside and a belt with a large buckle that is somewhat dropped can be the perfect look.

Add sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential whether summer or winter, as well as being one of the most elegant accessories. They were initially created to protect us from the sun’s rays, but today they are a letter of introduction to what we want to convey to others. Sunglasses complete and protect you. If you are wearing a large buckle belt, adding sunglasses to your outfit can be a superb idea.

Choosing compatible shoes

Make the material of the belt match that of the shoes. Width and color are the most important things to consider when combining the belt with your outfit. However, if the material of the belt matches that of the shoes, you will look much better! Wear a leather belt if you wear leather shoes, a canvas belt if you wear canvas shoes, and a suede belt if you wear leather shoes.

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