Dress up for office with no more boring looks

You must always wonder about the perfect way to dress up before you leave for the office, to have a great impression, and lead a good day ahead. We have a handful of ideas that will assure you that you don’t have to worry about how to dress up for office at the eleventh hour.

The very first and most important thing is that you need to ask yourself what is the most appropriate way to don your clothing as every job is different and according to the famous Hemingway, “Every day is a new day.” Considering the environment and occasion is crucial as well. Working for a legal organization is completely different from having joined an advertising or marketing agency. You always have to look perfect, as, at the end of the day, your appearance is your first portfolio and one way or another, it is definitely going to influence your job and workspace.

If you have to wear a suit

The suit needs to be of neutral color and probably the range of blue and grey is what will suit you most. It is essential that you wear good suits, with a perfect fit, and durable fabrics. Because otherwise, of course, people will be noticing and wearing a bad or inappropriate suit will leave an awkward impression on others. It might sound boring, always wearing suits in the shades of the same colors, but the good news is that you can play with some accessories, wear different shirts and distinctive footwear combinations and that will go all well.

If wearing a suit is not necessary

If you think that wearing a suit is not necessary, or not a good idea, or you want to feel more comfortable, worry not, we got the right ideas for you otherwise as well. You can always combine a blazer with the addition of chinos and Monkstrap shoes. A pair of Oxford shoes as well will do just fine. 

If the work environment is creative and less restricted

If you can risk a little more and the office environment is more creative than restrictive, the best suitable combo that is kinda invincible in the book of stylistics when it comes to making you look handsome, wearing a white shirt under a basic suit without a tie and light-colored sneakers, considering white as best is a never-failing idea. 

For total informal environments

(Probably for programmers and software engineers, *wink*) If your dress code at the office is informal and the people and authorities around are comfortable with all kinds of sophisticated clothing, pleated pants or jeans, and with cotton shirts or tees that are decently designed with sneakers will beat all other clothing combinations. Always choose well made and high-quality garments, and the better your clothing is, the better everything else will sound and be.

Warning: Wearing shorts or a tracksuit for office, will never ever be a good idea. (Unless you want to quit, or have some wrestling at the office, and just kidding, no, never a good idea.)

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