How can men dress up with style and comfort in summer

Men love to dress well, there’s no doubt about it. Of course, everyone loves to maintain their specific uniqueness and at the same time, fit into the social environment without looking too weird. (A little weird, maybe fine.). A lot of people want to know the most important secret to the perfect lifestyle, and a lot of them are found asking this question. The answer is a two worded phrase, “good looks” as the way you look, is worth thousands of words. What you wear defines how you feel, and as better you feel in them, the more self-confident you grow and more opportunities are on your way in both social, and professional fields of life.

There are three things that must be taken into account before you choose how are you going to dress up today:

  1. Your body type
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. The atmosphere

Considering summer is at its peak, and the atmosphere is hot and in addition, the monsoon weather can be really uncomfortable with the wrong choice of clothing. So here is what this summer, you can possibly wear and look elegant and handsome without compromising your comfort:

Raw tones

Wearing the same color can be difficult for some men, and when they are in raw or light colors, even tougher to celebrate hem. However, wearing different shades of the same tone can be very modish and the perfect tone to experience that, is possibly beige. The pants must be a little lighter and combined with the darker beige sweater or shirt that can define a perfect and comfortable summer look.

The ‘total look’ in all neutrals

Dressing from top to bottom in the same tone is a wonderful daring. It is true that at first glance it may be something simple to achieve but, doing it with grace, it is more complicated. It does not matter how the concept or the stylistic line you choose: the tailoring of a suit jacket, the irreverence of a bomber jacket with a chino, or the sportiness of a two-piece tracksuit. The total look is always elegant.

The eternal white pants

It is the most feared jewel of the summer. Wearing this garment with class and elegance resides in a single guideline. If you are a novice, do it with t-shirts and polo shirts in basic colors such as gray, navy blue, or red and white sports shoes. If you have the ‘first’ in fashion, try sailor stripes, a printed knitted polo shirt, or a plain linen shirt.

Printed or Polo Shirts

Top trendy garments for the scorching days of summer and men of every age, from teenagers to grandpas are found wearing them to relax even in the hottest atmosphere. They have been top trends for decades, and we recommend them wearing them with shorts and if the colors are the same, they can give even a better and prominent look. (But never, ever wear them for an interview no matter how hot it is, not a good idea)

Stripped shirts:

The long sleeves in the straight silhouette is a true gem for summer nights out or dinners on the corniche. (Ah, even the thought is super comforting). Combined with a monochrome blazer or a fine sweater sounds even more sophisticated. However, considering that they are not casual, the best way to wear them is with high waisted or pleated pants.

The suits

No wonder that suits will make you look stylish and real as life itself. And no dress can be better than a suit on special occasions. A wide suit made with fine, comfortable fabric with a perfect summery fit is the answer. Combined with the shirt of any color, they are ready to make your night memorable.

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