How to wear a suit without a tie and still look elegant?

A thing of fashion is to evolve forever. (Sorry John Keats). Fashion is always changing and taking new forms and new styles can be created at any moment. They just come into existence in a jiffy. Looking back at the 20th century, we see that if someone wore a suit without a tie or vice versa, it would have been a terrible mistake. (Unless you were in Iran, where people love to wear waistcoats and suit jackets without ties, and it’s completely cool there.) Now that everything has changed and the difference between the ongoing century and the last century is of poles, times have finally allowed us to wear suits without ties. For quite some time now, ties have been slowly becoming obsolete and we have to look forward to suit-up without them. 

Wait wait wait… we are not saying that you have to throw away all your ties in the closet and say them Sayonara forever. You can still wear them, and a suit without them will not be a bad idea either. Now you have the option to create a little more interesting men’s looks. What happens is that you have to pay close attention to what you wear and how you wear it.

When the question is when

Considering the event and occasion is a big deal and you must consider it before going rogue and breaking the ancient rule of “suit must always be worn with a tie.”. Where you go, when you go, and what kinds of people you are going to meet is what your flexibility depends on in order to create an aesthetic suited look.

It’s okay to wear a suit without a tie on social events as long as the occasion environments allow it. Celebrations as birthdays and weddings are proper events to wear a suit without a tie, especially when it’s open places and hot or humid weather. Also, a cocktail that is not radically formal, you can go wearing a suit without a tie.

However, if you’re attending an office meeting, or dealing with some international affairs, a tie might be a good companion.

Choice of the perfect suit

Not wearing a tie with a suit means you have to pay attention to other things as well, to make your looks just cool, handsome, and personable. Your suit becomes the center of attention and basic colors such as black, navy, and grey are the perfect ideas as they have always been and will probably always be perfectly timeless.

However, that doesn’t mean that only the color of the suit will matter, the perfect with that will settle just right on your shoulder, and pants that are not to tight or too loose and have a natural fall are also the big things to pay attention to.

Choice of a catchy shirt

The next step is the shirt, in this case, you can be a little more relaxed. If you want to go for something quite basic you can start from white. White shirts are always an elegant touch, but casual if you unbutton the first two buttons that way you will look much cooler.

Comfortable and stylish shoes

Choosing the right shoes is crucial when you are not wearing a tie, and the options are limitless. All you need is an aesthetic taste. One of the most common concepts is to go for Oxford Shoes that have always been considered as classics when it comes to modern men’s clothing. In shoe colors, black, beige, and brown look perfect with a suit without a tie.

An unbuttoned button (and only that)

Closing all the buttons without a tie will look awkward. Plus, considering that the comfort of the neck might have been the basic idea that urged you to wear a suit without a tie, closed all the closed buttons will not be a good idea. On the other side, leaving more than one button open will look awkward. It never looked good, and probably never will.

Other accessories in place of a tie

If you are too afraid to risk wearing a suit without a tie, and you just don’t feel like wearing a tie either, you can always opt for alternative accessories instead of a tie. A sweater with long neck or a scarf will absolutely do. The sweater will help you with your look and with that, no one might even notice the lack of a tie. A scarf will do just as good as a tie would have.

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