Innovative Cardigan Looks This Fall & Winter For Women

Think about the most versatile garment in a lady’s wardrobe. A lady with elegant taste and keen selectiveness would know it’s a cardigan. Summer is almost gone and it is time to transform your outfit and add new things to your wardrobe and nothing can be better than a cardigan. No matter where you go, where you are, when you are going to wear it, it’s timeless and universal apparel and there are infinite ways to style this into an unbeatable outfit.

Are you heading to the market and have no idea what to look for and what to choose and just peeking around the web to get some ideas? Well, you have landed on the right page. There are many ideas to wear it and we will list some of them for you, if you just keep reading.

How should a cardigan appear?

The best idea would be keeping shoulders to the proper and exact side. You should not get the one too tight that you will face difficulty moving, nor too lose that it might fall off. Opt for sizes that do not stretch across the chest.

How to style cardigans?

Long Cardigans

Long cardigans are best suitable for normal weather, not too hot nor too cold. The long cardigan is perfect for comfort and elegance and a perfect outfit can be formed having them. 

If it’s not too cold, a fine knit fabric (Hilo) up to the calf will keep you comfortable. If the temperature starts to drop, choose a thick fabric.

Printed Cardigans

A great choice can be the long printed cardigans to wear with denim, pants, or leggings. Modern and cheerful patterns in the colors that suit you most are preferred. Add some accessories, namely a necklace if you are trying to wear them with leggings for an original touch.

Buttoned cardigan

Among many choices, you can always go back to the classics, opting for a buttoned cardigan with traditional looks that adds a twist of modern style as well. Trying them with patterns in blue, leopard print, strips or just going all pink, anything would work with buttoned cardigans.

For informal and casual looks

You can go for monochromatic color themes that will help them stand out compared to rest of the outfit without making it weird. There is no better way to dress casually than with a pair of jeans and a cute top. To complete the look, add a cardigan that reaches down to your waistband.

Drop neck cardigan

Give a classic cardigan a unique twist by choosing one with a drop collar. Keep it simple by pairing this outerwear with a basic tee and jeans, or up the suede leather pants.

Combined with a skirt

If you want an original and trendy look , long cardigans in strong colors like aqua green are a great option. But instead of combining them with a classic jean, go ahead and combine them with a leather skirt and a crop top.

With Denim Pants

One of the most attractive looks among classicals, being all time popular would be combining a long cardigan with pants, choosing some from natural colors, and adding a white shirt beneath with addition of some accessory, namely a bracelet to make it even more glamorous. 

As a long outfit

Another excellent option is to wear a long cardigan with a long dress. If you have a long dress in neutral colors like gray or black, go ahead and combine it with a long cardigan in a strong color like mustard or purple. Add a scarf for an extra pop of color, and you’ve got a great everyday look.

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