Online Leather Brands To Shop During COVID-19

Leather goods have existed for thousands of years, one way or another, starting from the day that man learned to hunt. Leather in fashion has always been there and isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, there has been a recent problem with COVID-19 and all of us have to stay at home, in order to stay safe and alive. Going out in the market to get some leather goods is probably not a good idea, so we have prepared a list of some authentic and reliable brands for you to shop for leathers online.

El Corte Ingles

Based in Madrid, Spain, El Corte Ingles has been around more than 80 years providing classy, trendy, and glamorous clothing and jewelry to their customers all around the world. Their collection includes all kinds of clothing for men, women, and kids, sports clothing and accessories, shoes, and jewelry. They sell leather jackets of all the kinds such as short, fitted, perfect type, with a fur collar, suede, and leather jackets play with color and adapt to all styles, from rocker to west.

Tommy Hilfiger

A brand is so luxurious that even Gigi Hadid, the American supermodel is a fan of. The brand found in 1985 is famous for providing American cool style, classic, twisty and traditional, and reinvented fashion trends in all kinds of clothing for men, women, and children. You might have to pay some handsome amount of money which will be totally worth quality and elegance. However, they are always giving some really attractive discounts so you won’t leave their e-store empty-handed.

DAB Leather Accessories

An emerging and thriving brand from Lahore, Pakistan has made a good name for the longevity of their leather accessories. They provide locally sourced products at modest prices living up to contemporary fashion and the latest trends that are stylish, colorful, and timeless. Their collection includes laptop bags, wallets, belts, jackets, and cardholders. It is said about their accessories that they last at least two generations.


Secrid produces wonderful wallets and card protectors. Secrid is a Dutch brand and was founded in 2009. They developed innovative items for years, but this year they decided to start their own brand. And so Secrid was born, and also the last holder of the card with which they won several awards.

Secrid wallets easily anticipate the current trend, where we no longer carry coins or bills. Instead, we bring our cards with us, such as a credit card, a bank card, or a public transportation smart card. 

Leather Collection

Based in Sialkot, the city home to the production of sports goods, leather clothing and accessories, and many other industries. Leather Collection basically excels in their motorcycle racing apparel, but they have a phenomenal collection of fashion leather jackets of all kinds, pants, chaps, bags, boots, and socks. They are one of the fastest-growing e-commerce stores.


Again, a Pakistani brand called Jild which is Urdu for the word “skin”. Jild is not like other ordinary brands but has its own signature leathercraft that always comes with laser embossing and people love it. They manufacture leather accessories as in keychain, bag, wallets, or anything you can think of on your demand with embossing of your own choice in the design you’d dream of.


Since its foundation by Naïm Arditi 1980s Oakwood the brand has been an indisputable leather product vendor in France. A reference in the field of high-end ready-to-wear, the brand has seen growing success on the European and international scene, recognized in particular for the quality of its leather and its finishes. They make high-quality leather jackets for men and women in all the sharp colors, glamorous designs, and long-lasting materials.

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