Something about the most popular leather jacket styles

Trying to elevate your clothing, what idea can be better than a leather jacket? Front the most famous singers to every other celebrity, or any man with style will consider their wardrobe incomplete without one or more leather jackets. The glamor and style on all six habitable contents of the earth will always have a special and irreplaceable place for leather jackets.

Leather jackets historically date back to the 1900s for military uses when aviators and troops used them to get rid of cold, as leather has windproof characteristics. Inlined with insulating materials such as sheep fur, they incredibly helped to keep soldiers warm in the coldest wind and weather. Since then, leather jackets have evolved a great deal and now we see them in clothing collections of people from all the professions and places.

Coming with countless varieties, styles, and ideas that happen to grow with passing days, there are some major styles they come in:

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets in both nylon and leather were used by the aviators in the world war, which happens to be the reason that they are also called bomber jackets. It is characterized in that the area of ​​the cuffs and waist is tighter. In some cases, it also has a sheepskin lining that is visible on the neck and lapels. 

Biker Jacket

The classic, vintage, and personable biker jackets were initially constructed to provide safety to bikers and motorcycle racers. The idea was that leather provides resistance against abrasion and impact better than fabric. Black leather jackets, large lapels, and metal zippers. Today, some maintain a more rock style, but there are also some romantic versions. They are a safe investment due to their longevity. Plus, they are always in fashion.

Shirt Style

Beyond the typical aviator style leather jacket or pants, we find new forms of leather. One of them is the shirt that is dressed with this material to transform into something completely new. It is perfect to wear as a jacket, in its oversized version, or as the typical shirt in its tightest version. You will find them in all formats to carry it as you want.


Raincoat could be your best spring companion and a monsoon savior. So here’s an idea. Get a raincoat, and save it for a rainy day. However, that’s not completely necessary as leather in all shapes has it’s own, unmatched mystique, and raincoats are perfectly styleable, and fashionable with as a top layer for your casual or formal clothing.


Leather blazers are made in the style of the suit jacket and their popularity and use are rapidly growing steadily. Compared to the suit jacket, the blazer is lighter and more versatile, so you can wear it on more casual occasions. Also, it has more striking patterns and colors, so you can play with more combinations. 


Quilted leather jackets as the name itself describe, come with quilts and the perfect choice for ladies and lords. A must-have complement to the wardrobe for better pizzazz and chic exposure. Provides robust protection against cold as well, thanks to inline padding.


The best leather jackets are the ones that work for all the seasons, can be worn all year long, either during the day or at night time. One must never settle for one style, of course, that would be a huge injustice to the life and variety of leather jackets. You can wear them going to the movies or a restaurant, just wearing them over a t-shirt or you can wear them with a sweater on the long drives and nights out. Over a fitted dress, under a raincoat; Pair it with leggings and a hoodie or try under a winter coat or trench for style and warmth, with the leather, the possibilities are infinite and try your best to get as most as you can.

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