Top Brands To Buy Men’s Jewelry

There has always been a special place for men’s jewelry in the fashion of every era, and every part of the world. Be it Rajas heavily loaded with gold in ancient India or broad collars of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, men have always loved jewelry and it’s not any less. However, it is changing with passing times.

However, it has evolved with passing times as men are trying to connect with their inner aesthetic side. Through jewelry stylistics, the effort of discovery has direct ties to social, cultural, and historical aspects of one’s personality.

Please allow us to introduce you to some of the spectacular and well-reputed brands associated with selling and manufacturing of men’s jewelry.


A luxury company found in 1906 initially started producing fountain pens and its extraordinary, Mountblanc star that is considered the insignia of a brand associated with men. However, they are unisex as their stores have a variety of women’s accessories as well.


Inspired by the Greek civilization, arts, and mythology, this brand from Greece was found by Konstantino Silas. They specialize in classic yet timeless designs in their accessories, impeccable designs, and are masterpieces of true miniature arts.

Their techniques, elements, and stylistics are all inspired by Greek history, the civilization where Konstantino was born and grew up.

Iker Ortíz

One of the very popular and favorite among Mexican brands is Iker Ortíz. Their customers are their huge fans and love their products more than anything. Whether you are looking a piece for yourself, or a gift for your beloved, it would not be a problem as all their accessories are unisex. It is recommended to choose the pieces suggested by the geometry expert.

Ermenegildo Zegna

It was established in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna in Trivero, as a Lanificio Zegna fleece processing plant, with the possibility of ​​making fabrics, that is still to the date one of their exports.

Design, belts, shoes, ties, sacks, cowhide merchandise, earphones, family unit things, tops, glasses, scarves, satchels, scents, cleanser, shower gel, cleanser, antiperspirant, are a piece of what this house offers everything for men. 

Their key fashion products include all kinds of fashion products including belts, shoes, ties, bags, leather products, headphones, caps, glass, fragrances, and everything a man can think of.

Among men’s jewelry, you can find cufflinks, pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches, and everything that can possibly come under the category of men’s jewelry.

David Yurman

David Yurman was founded by the creative sculptor of the same name in 1980, is a jewelry house from the United States that makes accessories for men and women. 

David was inspired by nature, art, and architecture and with the help of his wife that also happened to be a painter, Sybil Yurman, they created their famous product Cable Bracelet. The bracelet is made of gold decorated with a precious stone on the both edges of a rounded line is the first and the classic of the jewelry house which was later evolved and turned into many child variations. They also produce their own glasses, fragrances, and a variety of jewelry for men and women, with their store situated on Madison Avenue, New York.

Jacobo Toledo

Jacobo Toledo, a master of art and geometry produces one of a kind pieces with simple yet concrete designs. All of their pieces are androgynous (unisex) and perfect if you want to buy for yourself or give someone else as a present. You can find everything at his house regarding the jewelry, be it bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, chains, just choose whatever is your favorite.


The brand was established by siblings Tom and Kosta Kartsotis in 1984. The thought behind the creation of the brand was to offer exquisite fashion within the economical prices that are easily affordable. With the success of the company, leatherwear, glasses, and further licensed products were introduced by the company. 

The most significant products by the company are men’s watches, jewelry that comes with a graceful sophistication, beautiful looks, affordable prices, and excellent quality.

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