Ways To Wear Jersey For Men Regarding Neck Styles

Boat neck, high box, or v neck, the garment called jersey is an essential garment in any wardrobe and the masculine stylistics cannot be complete without them. These pieces are so diverse and worldly that just a little change intrigued by a little thought can turn it from casual to business looks, or vice versa in minutes. 

Jerseys are the key piece in almost every male’s wardrobe without a doubt that takes pride and indulges himself to improve his style and take care of his looks. 

With a confession that the writer of this blog himself is a big fan of jerseys and sweaters and has a specific collection of those, we assure you to remain completely unbiased and support the cause for wearing a jersey with complete honesty and on merit. Raise your hands if you don’t have a thing for jersey or sweaters… no one? Exactly what we thought.

Acknowledging the glamor of the jersey, it is a fact that styling a jersey can be a little bit difficult to get a hold of and mastering the ways that they look perfect as there is a vast variety of them overwhelming the clothing market.

So here are some ways you can dress up with jerseys this summer with least malfunction worries:

Choosing the neck style

Remember that there are many models that jersey come in, however, the three types that are most loved and adored are:

Round neck:

The round neck which is also known as boat or box neck, V-Neck, and high collars. Round neck is easy to style and works totally well with all the kinds of shirts and are a perfect fit to the neck that assures to put our worries about the collars and whether or not they open too much to the least. The collar itself will be in charge of containing them and you will not have to be concerned about anything. Combining them with monochrome t-shirts is a superb idea. However, wearing them with a turtleneck or polo shirts will be disastrous and extremely uncomfortable.


Possibly the most favorite style among the jersey lovers that are enthusiastically concerned about their good looks. They can be styled in a variety of ways, however, there can be some complications sometimes. They will look great with oxford shirts, or even the shirts with mao and American styled collars that have a button below the neck. 

High collars: 

The swan neck style jerseys that are also known as high collars or turtle necks are the most suitable to wear in colder weathers, say the late Autumn or Winter. Also, they will look perfect in monsoon if you combine them under a raincoat or trench coat. (Sounds unbelievably rare, but believe us, it looks handsome.) They can offer a cool and elegant personality and can be utilized as a really good and impeccable option for high definition events in case you can find them in a single color.

Polo Collar:

Another of the perennials in the offices. Elegant, formal, easy to combine, and with the possibility of closing either with a zip or with buttons or with clasps. We like all the options and they are all equally valid. As a general rule, they are narrow at the top, so again we should not worry about the necks. Combinations with polo shirts or t-shirts … better not to risk.


For informal and formal looks, there can be no better option than a cardigan. The collars are usually lapels and that gives us some versatility when choosing the collar of the shirt. And yes, it accepts both shirts and shirts or polo shirts as long as we combine correctly.


Last, but not least, also known as a sleeveless sweater that we can call jersey vest without a worry. They do not come with a specific kind of neck style so we can call embrace them as both, Boat neck style or V-neck style. They work great both with a t-shirt and a formal shirt.

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